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The Tyranny of the Meritocracy: Democratizing Higher Education in America download

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According to Guinier, Our colleges and universities have to take pride not in compiling an individualistic group of very-high-scoring students but in nurturing a diverse group of thinkers and facilitating how they solve complex problems creatively.Far more compelling is the second half of the book, where Guinier outlines the "solutions" for fixing our current meritocracyHe has rocked his chair back to rest against the countertop right below the gas blowtorchSlideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertisingAnd besidesthe SAT is just one part of the application package being evaluatedThe testocracy is a standardized quantifiable merit that values perfect scores but ignores character, says the authorI found the first section of the book the most successful and interesting


Professors who have moved from lecture-oriented to collaborative-focused classes where students work in groups to both challenge and support each other have seen test scores rise across the board and discrepancies between students from minority groups and the traditionally high scoring white male students disappear.In the final section of the book, and, for me, the least interesting, Guinier reviews the well-documented (and publicized) studies showing that students who believe that intelligence is malleable and success based on effort rather than innate qualities over which one has little or no control are more successful than students who view intelligence as a fixed qualityAnd that boy won(It's always easier when someone else has to change.) Then she points out that it wouldn't be fair to bring students into college for their collaborative skills, and demand of them the same individualized pedagogy we tend to use nowI am not ready to jump on the bandwagon whole hog but am willing to consider what she says as I am in the teaching professionAfter all, the leadery, resilient, wonderful college educated folks need some masses to control104) instead of test scores could democratize higher education


The bulk of the book is anecdotal, albeit interesting anecdotesKIPP is part of the no excuses educational movement for low-income, minority students (Lack, 2009)That is, there are arbitrary characteristics and measures that are used to justify elite social statusShe elaborates: the form of merit that views higher education, at least partially, as a public goodLogin Cart Advanced Search Our List BestsellersCurrent BestsellersAll-Time BestsellersActivismGeneralEconomic JusticeEnvironmental JusticeEducation ReformRacial JusticeCommunity ActionImmigration ReformAmerican SocietyGeneralAnthropologyCultural StudiesGeneralLatin AmericanNative AmericanMyths Made In AmericaEconomicsLaw and SocietyPhilosophySociologyDisability StudiesSports and SocietyChild and Family IssuesAdoptionGeneralCharlottesville SyllabusBiography and MemoirAutobiography and MemoirBiographyEnvironment and ConservationEnergy and ClimateConservationFood and AgricultureWildlifeNature and EnvironmentConcord Library SeriesGardeningGeneralBiography and MemoirFeminism and GenderFeminismGenderWomen's HistoryWomen's LiteratureBlack Women WritersBluestreak SeriesGeneralWomen's LivesSexualityBiography and MemoirHistoryAmerican HistoryGeneralEarly American History19th Century American History20th Century American History21st Century American HistoryAfrican American HistoryGeneralWorld HistoryAfricaAsiaCentral and South AmericaEuropeMiddle EastReVisioning American HistoryThe King LegacyLiterature and the ArtsFictionPoetryNonfictionGeneralEssaysFood and SocietyLettersMemoirsQueer PerspectivesMulticultural InterestAfrican AmericanAsian AmericanCaribbeanLatin AmericanMiddle EasternNative AmericanSouth AsianBy SeriesBlack Women WritersBluestreakConcord WritersYoung AdultMusicThe ArtsPolitics and Current EventsPolitics and Current EventsProgressive EducationLGBT IssuesBooks for K-12 Classroom UseTeaching and the ClassroomHigher EducationHistory of EducationRace and EducationSchool Reform and PolicyRace Education Democracy SeriesQueer PerspectivesEducation and YouthFictionGeneralMemoirReligion and SexualityQueer IdeasQueer ActionRace and Ethnicity in AmericaGeneralAfrican American HistoryAfrican American LiteratureFiction and PoetryNonfictionBlack Women WritersKing Legacy SeriesRace Education Democracy SeriesReligionHow We Live Our BeliefsPluralismBuddhismChristianityAfrican American TheologyCatholicismEarly ChristianityGeneralProtestantIslamJudaismUnitarian UniversalismWorld ReligionsGender and SexualityInspirationScience and MedicinePublic HealthMedicineSciencePsychologyWomen's HealthNow More Than EverBooks to Inspire ActionBooks to Find MeaningBooks on American SocietyAudiobooksSpring 18 BooksFall 2017 BooksGift Recommendations Blog About About Beacon Address and Directions Awards Booksellers and Librarians Catalogs Staff Distribution Sales and Ordering Submission Guidelines Contact Customer Service Author Appearances Jobs and Internships Media Requests Rights and Permissions Educator Resources Teacher Guides Desk and Exam Copy Information UU Resources The UUA and Beacon Press Congregational and Book Group Guides Author Events Events Calendar Contact Us The Tyranny of the Meritocracy Democratizing Higher Education in America Author: Lani Guinier Description Praise and Reviews Excerpt Table of Contents On Our Blog Media Coverage Video Reading Group Guides Reader Reviews A fresh and bold argument for revamping our standards of “merit” and a clear blueprint for creating collaborative education models that strengthen our democracy rather than privileging individual elitesStanding on the foundations of America’s promise of equal opportunity, our universities purport to serve as engines of social mobility and practitioners of democracyOn some level, everyone knows thisCabrera The Tyranny of Meritocracy: Democratizing Higher Education in AmericabyJamie B Bennett 40views Importance of using cdn for your woFor the immodest boy who has hit the SAT jackpot, there is no difference between accomplishment and arrogance


Instead of merely a means of accessing more powerful and lucrative employment, Guinier focuses on the function of edu Lani Guinier, professor of law at Harvard University, has written a persuasive argument against the prevalence of high-stakes testing (particularly the SAT) as the primary way of evaluating and predicting student achievementOf the seven high school seniors and three juniors, only one—a policeman’s son—does not have parents who graduated from collegebyMargaret T Miles 80views Read Life s Dominion: An Argument AThe fact that the SATs are not the best indicator of aptitude is a very solid pointJan 01, 2015 Rama rated it really liked it Shelves: sociology The transformation of higher education in America In this book, Harvard University Law Professor Lani Guinier presents a simple argument in favor of collaborative models that strengthen higher educational systems 2c3f341067

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